Cozy Chat with the Author J. A. Dennam

Here’s a great little interview as I sit down with BookwormSimi’s Blissful Blog.

BookwormSimi's Blissful Blog

Welcome, J. A.! Let’s get to know more about you both as a writer and a person.

Author J. A. Dennam Author J. A. Dennam

Me: What is your genre? Why did you choose to write it?

J. A.: I write romantic suspense. The genre is perfect for me because I love romance and I love action films, but fully appreciate a great marriage of the two. Alone, they can bore me as I have quite a restless imagination.

Me: Are you interested to write in some other genres in the future?

J. A.: Last year I would have said no. But, I have a few stories in my head that would better fit other genres like paranormal romance, and a historical Western romance is in the works as a spin-off of my Captive Series. It’ll be released as a serial in my Facebook group “Dennam’s Character Cave” where it will be free to…

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